Automatic Recognition of License Plate Parking System

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国外识别图01.jpgAutomatic Recognition of License Plate Parking System Design Proposal

License plate recognition systems around the world, high-definition license plate recognition products support non-standard customization.

   I. Background

With the continuous development of science and technology economy, automobiles have begun to popularize ordinary families, and a large number of vehicles have brought new problems to the management of parking lots. Traditional car park management mainly distributes IC cards to vehicles entering the parking lot to record the time of entry and exit of vehicles. As the main basis for billing, regardless of whether it is a fixed vehicle or a temporary vehicle, access to the parking lot must be done at the entrance and exit of the parking lot in order to enter or exit the parking lot. In the field, this type of management often leads to traffic jams during busy periods of the vehicle's entry and exit, which can cause valuable time for the owner.

In response to the above phenomenon, WE   has launched a new management concept, using the license plate recognition technology to replace the traditional IC card technology, to solve the car import and export traffic congestion caused by the need to stop the card when entering and leaving the car. This system is a new type of barrier-free parking lot management system that uses our company's license plate auto-recognizer controller and software module to enter vehicles without parking. The driver does not need to park at the entrance and exit. When the vehicle enters the entrance to the parking lot, it automatically captures the photos of the vehicle and identifies the license plate number. The license plate number, color, license plate characteristics data, and entry time information are transmitted to the management computer. Parking lot provides users with a brand-new service mode.

II. License Plate Recognition Technology

Based on computer technology, image processing technology, and fuzzy recognition, Communication License Plate Recognition (LPR) builds a vehicle's feature model and identifies vehicle features such as number plates, vehicle models, and colors. It is a special computer vision system that targets a specific target. It can automatically extract license plate images from an image, automatically divide characters, and then identify characters. It uses advanced image processing, pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence technology. The collected image information is processed, and the digital, letter and Chinese characters of the license plate can be automatically and accurately recognized in real time, and the recognition result is directly given, so that the computerized monitoring and management of the vehicle become a reality.

At present, the high-definition license plate recognition system is mainly used for parking lot management, parking fees, card management, card charge, parking lot vehicle recognition, parking lot license plate recognition, card license plate recognition. Support the languages of many countries. The software operation interface is WINDOWS. The language of the software is English. HD license plate recognition system support includes China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, South Africa, Britain, France, the United States, Germany, Canada, Italy, Mongolia, Russia, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, North Korea, Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Western Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Arab countries, and other about 120 countries and regions. The license plates of the above countries and regions can be recognized.

   The New LPR Technology has absorbed the advantage algorithm domestic and abroad ,on the basis of this, the optimization and improvement are made.The speed and accuracy of recognition have been greatly improved.Especially for lighting requirements,changed the defective of highly reliance on the environment that is undoubtedly an obstacle to installation and application. Due to the uncertainty of the installation location,plate reflection, backlight and other factors will directly affect the recognition of the license plate.The improved algorithm has greatly improved the recognition of the above license plates.

III. Construction

3.1 Operation Flow Chart


1.Vehicle Enter

①The vehicle enters the license plate camera capture area, triggering the camera capture.

②The license plate recognition system automatically captures the image of the vehicle and recognizes the license plate number,the vehicle category is then derived by searching the database.

③The display shows the car's validity(VIP car or monthly car)Or balance(Stored value car),welcome Indications etc.

④Voice playback about identified license plates,welcome Indications etc.

⑤If parking space is not full, the vehicle enter into it,the barrier release automatically,and the vehicle entry time is recorded. When cars crosses the entrance, the parking space display refreshes the parking space.The whole process is done automatically,no staff intervention required.The vehicle is always in motion,non stop.

2. Vehicle Exit

①The vehicle enters the license plate camera capture area, triggering the camera capture.

②The license plate recognition system automatically captures the image of the vehicle and recognizes the license plate number,the vehicle category is then derived by searching the database.

③The display shows the car's validity(VIP car or monthly car)or balance(Stored value car).Amount charged(Temporary car),goodbye indications etc.

④Voice playback plate number and payment and goodbye indications etc.

⑤If the vehicle is a stationary vehicle,gate automatically open.The computer pulled the capture image of the car when it entered and admission time, etc.If it's temporary parking that the vehicle must be suspended for payment before leaving.If the vehicle in the blacklist, the gate will not be turned on, whether temporary or stationary, and the system will send out an alarm to alert the staff.

⑥Vehicles crossing the exit and leave the parking lot, the system records the departure time of the vehicle ,then the parking space screen refreshes the parking space.


3.2 Basic functions and characteristics of the system

Fully automatic management of fixed vehicles ,and semi-automatic management of temporary vehicle ,the system reduce vehicle transit time and saving time for drivers, realizing full intelligence management.

①Avoid trouble with card reader installation and maintenance.

②Car owners don't worry about trouble with IC cards lost.

③Unique rolling led electronic display, local language available so that owners and managers read easily.

④Staff reduction and efficiency improvement.

⑤Save the cost of the IC card wont worry about the lack of IC cards.

⑥It can be operated in conjunction with the police alarm system to effectively combat illegal vehicles and assist in social security management.

⑦There are anti-lifting levers, full unloading, photoelectric control, and high-quality hood gates with accurate balancing system.

⑧Reliability and adaptability of digital vehicle detection system.

⑨The brake device ensures that the brake lever will not fall if it is parked under the brake bar, whether it is an approaching vehicle or a reversed vehicle.

3.3   System hardware and characteristics

3.3.1.Automatic block barrier

①A special unloading device is designed to prevent external force damage.

②The photoelectric switch is used to replace the mechanical stroke switch in stroke control.

③A special balance mechanism is designed to ensure the operation is light and smooth, and the input power is low .

④Additional emergency manual devices to prevent accidents.

⑤Add an anti-crash control system to ensure vehicle safety .

⑥All-circuit con-tactless control system to ensure vehicle safety.

3.3.2. Vehicle detector and Induction coil

①Replacing the traditional analog switch judgment with the digital logic judgment to ensure the accuracy of the judgment.

②All-weather performance design, excluding the influence of the external environment on the system(A change in weather, time, etc)

③Flexible regulation of induction to ensure customer's discriminating requirements for different vehicles .

④Rapid response design for large traffic flow operation system .

intelligent logic judgment to ensure the judgment of all kinds of complex combinations.

3.3.3. Electronic display screen (Four lines and 16 words with a traffic light system)

①Adopt full import led luminous tube to ensure brightness.

②The whole import integration block and single chip microcomputer are adopted to ensure reliable programming and convenient modification.

③Double layer color display in Chinese, rich in content and convenient in connecting with R485.

④Rain proof design to ensure reliable operation all day and night.

⑤Plate design, maintenance and replacement are convenient and do not affect the operation of the system.

⑥Dark bottom design to increase display brightness.


3.3.4 .Lighting equipment

A fill light is required in a low-light environment. LED lights or floodlights can be used for the fill light equipment. The power of the floodlight single-lane fill light is ≤150W, and the power of N lane fill light is ≤N*150W. LED fill light is made of high-brightness light-emitting diode (LED). It has stable operation, low heat generation, low energy consumption and long service life. The bright LED that are generally used today are all 5mm.                 

3.3.5 Technical parameters of a million HD integrated machine

Number Plate recognition rate: daytime ≥ 99.99; Night ≥ 99.96%   

Best range: 3-12 m (defined by lens size)             

Luminous frequency: 50hz

Adapt to speed: 0-180 km / h                                         

Level of protection: IP66

Output information: vehicle characteristic image, license plate image, license plate number, color, type, passage time

Working temperature: -30 ℃ -75 ℃                                     

According to the interface mode: 10 / 100M TCP/IP

Image Sensor: 1 / 3 "COMS                               

Power supply Voltage: DC 9-18V/AC 220V

Power consumption: 7W

Minimum illumination: 0. 1 Lux(Standard)

Signal-to-noise ratio: > 50db                       

Electronic shutter: 1 / 1 to 1 / 10000 seconds / 22 Level

Basic features: 2 million pixel HD, maximum 1080p resolution, maximum 30fps frequency

Innovative functions:

①It integrates capture and supplement light, built-in led lamp, supports stroboscopic and flash over simultaneously, and effectively reduces the cost of construction wiring.

②Rich interface type, can directly control the opening / closing of channel gates, external alarm equipment, led display screen and audio output, etc.

③Built-in 8g SD card to support the introduction and comparison of black-and-white list, can be directly linked gate opening, support offline operation.

④Built-in license plate recognition algorithm, high accuracy, support coil trigger, video trigger, coil combined with video trigger and other modes.

IV. Shenzhen Tigerwong Technology Software Management system

4.1.Construction location and wiring drawing

4.2 System software composition

License plate recognition system and charge management system

The parkwatch-2018 induction intelligent parking system is developed by the license plate recognition system. It combines the computer vision technology, the neural network technology, the machine, the electronic automation equipment, the computer and the smart card technology, so as to effectively manage all kinds of entry and exit vehicles.

Borparkwatch-2018 intelligent parking system software is based on Microsoft windows Win8 land C builder 6.0 Microsoft 8.0 platform developed graphical International version of the application, using a stable and reliable large-scale database software Microsoft SQL server 2008. Unified operating interface, full online help, super compatibility. License plate automatic recognition, real-time monitoring, voice quotation, personalized voice, parking prompt, universal fee standard, detailed report form (can print out 40 kinds of reports), perfect vehicle management, free combination authority control.

Partial interface:

V. Special processing of license Plate not fully recognized

5.1 Reasons of affecting license Plate recognition rate

5.1.1.Vehicle detector

For vehicles whose chassis is too high or which detours from the sense of the ground, the license plate camera will not be activated because the vehicle detector is not triggered.

5.1.2.Climatic circumstance

Under the weather conditions such as rain, snow and fog, the license plate recognition rate will be reduced.

5.1.3.License plate occlusion, serious stain

5.1.4.Power failure or system failure

5.2 Processing of unrecognized license plates

5.2.1.Vehicle entry, automatic storage of license plate

The system automatically captures the vehicle photos, automatically recognizes the vehicle license plate number, records the area time, the license plate number and the vehicle photo, and stores them in the database.

5.2.2.For vehicles without entry plates

When you go out, the manual keyboard enters the license plate.

Manual input license plate, first of all with the database of fixed license plate automatically compared to query.

①If the query is a fixed vehicle, the gate is opened manually during the validity period of the fee.

②If the query is a fixed vehicle, the fee expires, the fee is paid according to the temporary vehicle, and then the vehicle is released.

③If the query is not a fixed vehicle, The system will automatically query in the information of "temporary vehicles on the spot". Because the system adopts fuzzy query technology, it will automatically recommend 1-n approaching license plates, then manually select one to confirm the release.

④If the query is not a fixed vehicle , the system will automatically blur the query in the " field temporary vehicle " information , do not find the appropriate license plate , charge according to the lowest charging standard , manually annotate the reason , and open the brake release .

5.2.3.Vehicles with incomplete entry plates

①Because the system adopts fuzzy recognition and fuzzy matching technology, it can automatically provide close license plate in the database and give the operator the basis of manual comparison.

②If the license plate is not fully recognized, the system will provide a similar license plate in the database according to several license plate numbers that have been recognized.

VI.Senseless payment


Since the first We Chat intelligent parking lot hit the ground in 2015, more and more parking lots have become interested in this new industry solution and have begun to pay attention to the intelligent transformation of parking lots. The solution of We Chat Public We Chat Pay has been recognized. With the rapid development of video recognition technology, the industry has higher requirements for efficiency and user experience, so "license plate recognition withholding" industry new scheme. However, in the process of landing, we found that the scheme of "license plate recognition withholding" has problems such as high threshold for users to open, unable to realize the efficient passage of fees after the first appearance, too scattered service and so on. Therefore, we put forward the "We Chat vehicle owner Service", which is aimed at the vertical domain of vehicle owner travel interface capability.

The "senseless payment" is in the form of "license plate payment", which requires that the account of We Chat (Ali pay, Union Pay) be bound to the license plate in advance, and the car plate number is identified by the camera when the vehicle passes through the toll collection station, and the fees are automatically deducted from the corresponding account. Parking fees directly into the property We Chat (Ali pay, Union Pay) collection account.

The company is the first direct contract with Ten cent non-secret payment parking company, all the free software replacement. Also general in Ali pay, Union Pay's senseless payment and sweep code payment.

2.Interface definition

Vehicle owner service refers to the interface ability designed for the vehicle owner travel scene, through We Chat to realize the link of person, car, service, and to improve the user experience of the industry application. The interface includes, but is not limited to, car-related scenarios such as parking, high-speed, refueling, etc.

3.Function introduction

①The relationship between the account and license plate of We Chat is the key information of the vehicle owner's travel scene. The user binds the license plate at the end of We Chat to establish the relationship between the account and the car. In the case of user authorization or access to the service provider, the corresponding relationship between the user license plate and Open ID is given to the service provider.

②The service of the owner can provide the merchant with the interface ability of We Chat free payment. After the owner service is signed and opened, the user can enjoy the experience of "enjoy the first payment after paying" in the scene of accessing the service of the owner.

③Enjoy the experience of paying first and then pay without feeling, realize the real experience of first passing and then deduct fees, and increase the efficiency by more than 15 times.

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