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Guangzhou Yuxin Technology Co., Ltd. can produce, develop and provide high-definition license plate recognition system, foreign license plate recognition system, the series of products support non-standard customization. At present, the high-definition license plate recognition system is mainly used for parking lot management, parking fees, card management, card charge, parking lot vehicle recognition, parking lot license plate recognition, card license plate recognition. Support the languages ​​of many countries . The software operation interface is WINDOWS. The language of the software is English. The company's high-definition license plate recognition system mainly supports the license plate recognition of 120 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, etc. . In addition, the company provides our customers with smart sluice gates, swing gates, three-roller gates and other intelligent access gate products, dynamic face recognition products, entrance and exit safety, and smart parking products. Production factory. The company's products have undergone rigorous testing, and in response to China ’s Belt and Road Initiative, they have reached cooperation with more than 60 countries and regions in the world. Welcome your company to become our company's product agent in local countries and regions to jointly expand the global market. Thanks

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