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YZ005 new arc wing brake

YZ005 new arc wing brake
Model : YZ005圆弧型新款翼闸

product description:

Product size: 1400 * 280 * 980MM

Material: All made of 304 stainless steel

Process: Laser cutting, CNC bending, fine grinding

Mechanical structure: accurate positioning, smooth operation, low noise

Circuit board: industrial-grade design, suitable for various places with heavy dust, heavy humidity, and large temperature changes

Basic parameters:

Traffic direction: two-way traffic

Movement power supply: DC24 ± 10%

Movement reliability: 5 million times without failure

Channel width: 570MM

Infrared sensor: Highly durable infrared sensor is used to accurately determine the pedestrian walking condition

Light reminder: After swiping a valid card, give the green arrow traffic instructions, concise and clear; after swiping an illegal card, the product immediately displays a red cross warning sign

Side (elevation) indicator: Yes

Card reader installation position: 2

Controller installation position: 1

Opening signal: relay signal input

Passing speed: about 30 people / minute

Mode selection: two modes: normally open / normally closed

Working environment: indoor, outdoor

The remaining instructions:

Several pairs of high-durability infrared sensors are used to effectively monitor the pedestrian's traffic conditions and make people pass the barrier.

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