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face008 face recognition card machine

face008 face recognition card machine
Model : face008

face008 face recognition card machine

product description

Open the door without perceiving your face

   The product's front HD camera can automatically perform face positioning, face collection, feature extraction and face comparison.

   The user brushes his face without opening the door and feels natural and smooth, subverting the user experience.

Online / offline dual mode

The product supports online networking, used with the management cloud platform, and pushes traffic records in real time.

   Compatible with offline mode, and continuously provide face-opening service under no network environment.

Long life industrial grade fill light

Front-end long-life industrial LED fill light, light-sensitive switch control, 24 hours a day light environment support.

Flexible deployment

As an independent access controller, it supports traffic management, attendance and welcome management.

As a gate head, with various types of gates, the traditional gates are upgraded to face recognition smart gates.

Support both IC card and face recognition

Software functions

   Customized information display, providing a friendly welcome interface.

   Natural portrait dynamic capture, support for live body anti-counterfeiting verification.

   Support personnel identification, and support control of access control controllers, complete the face brushing to open the door.

   Support online management of equipment, personnel and traffic records.

   Support device online / offline use.

Support standard data interface, can be connected to third-party platforms

Detailed introduction

1. Technical parameters

Face capacity


1: N face comparison

20000 people

1: 1 witness comparison

Combined with an ID card reader (available separately) to achieve 1: 1 ID card integration; cannot have both with 1: N

Brush cartoon line

Combined with a card reader (available separately) to achieve card swipe; can have both with 1: N

Face recognition


1 million identification records

Recognition speed

Accurate recognition speed, face tracking detection: 20ms, face feature extraction: 300ms, face comparison: about 0.1ms


1: N mode: 0.01% error rate (supports 97% pass rate, 99.7% pass rate)

Display and fill light

Screen parameters

1024 * 600, full viewing angle, 8 inches

Fill light

LED fill light

Face camera


2 million pixels


1, dynamic HD



focal length


White balance


Hardware interface


1 audio input; 1 audio output


HDMI2.0 Type-A interface 1

Local flash storage


USB expansion

USB2.0 Type-A interface 1

Serial port

1 * RS232

Relay output

2.5mm terminal block 3P

Wireless communication

2.4G Wi-Fi, support wireless Internet access by inserting 4G network card

Reset interface

Built-in reset button

Network Interface

1 RJ45, 10M / 100M adaptive Ethernet port


Use environment

Outdoor and indoor use

power supply

DC12V ~ 16V

Operating temperature

-10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃

Working humidity

10% ~ 90%

Power consumption


Installation method

Wall-mounted installation, gate bracket installation

Equipment size

250mm * 140mm * 31mm


1. Adopt B / S architecture design and .net mainstream mature technology software architecture, no client installation required; l

2. Realize functions: equipment management, personnel management, authority management, personnel records, etc.

3, support for stranger detection, configurable stranger level; support for face recognition or live photo storage during stranger detection;

4, flexible deployment methods: can be deployed individually or in clusters; multiple encryption technologies to ensure accurate and secure data;

5, support identification distance configuration, UI interface configuration;

Education Management

Introduced a smart management solution for the traditional education and online education industry. Through the in-depth integration of static and dynamic face recognition technology into the entire education, teaching, research, management, and campus life, it promotes improved teaching, optimized management, and increased efficiency. Component design, which can be integrated with application systems such as educational affairs, card, security, video surveillance and so on.

Brush face attendance

Smart access control

Campus face payment

Student Exam Identity Verification

Campus security monitoring

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Support storage of 10,000 face photos and 1 million recognition records; support 1: 1 face comparison, 1: N face recognition; 99.6% pass rate, 1: 1 face comparison recognition accuracy rate reached 99.8%; Support external two-dimensional code scanner, identity reader (optional); support serial port, Wiegand output, switch information output can control channel gate, and output content supports configuration;

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